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Immune vulnerability

Tue, 06/08/2013 - 11:32 -- Name: helen

Recently I have noted that many people are suffering from skin immune disorders at this time of year.

Immune disorders can come out as a number of different skin conditions depending what you’re prone to.

  • irritated skin, rashes, itchy, red and blotchy. 
  • Dry and scaly skin, the worst being Eczema or Dermatitis. 
  • Pimples are a form of skin infection, red inflamed acne being the top end of the scale. 
  • And the worst case of innate immune disorder would be Rosacea.  Intense reddening of the nose, apple of the cheeks and chin, sometimes even the forehead.

When large numbers of people are complaining of similar conditions, I have to put it down to our environment.  Our skin has had enough of winter, the extremes of hot and cold.  You will be at your lowest point of vitamin D supplies and lots of synthetic materials used over winter to keep you warm will have the reverse effect of giving you comfort.

If you have noticed that you skin isn’t coping very well at the moment, start with eliminating the obvious irritants such as;

  • Extremes of hot and cold.  Try not to have the heating turned up to a level that dries your skin and makes it feel like its burning.  Likewise, try not to be out in the freezing cold elements too much.  If you must spend long periods outdoors, use an spf (sun protection factor) 30 or lower.  Not only will it protect you from the UV rays still present in winter, but it will act as a sheath against the cold wind.
  • Synthetic materials that make you itch.  Not comfortable at all.  Jumpers, scarves, coats.
  • Detergents.  Be aware that a lot of the cleaning products used in your day to day life are irritating to your skin.  Your skin may generally deal well with these things, but if the immunity is low, it could cause you dermatitis (dry itchy irritated skin at the point of contact.)
  • Perfume and fragranced skin care products.  Thee number 1 irritant to skin.  Again, your skin may not react usually, but as soon as your immune defence is down, your skin won’t like these chemicals.

Of course a healthy diet of fresh fruit and veg is vital to your whole body’s immune system.  Supplement with vitamins if you’re feeling a little run down.

For your skin there are two products that will support its immune system, and I am finding they are helping me personally:

  • Environ Colostrum Gel.  What better way to support your skins immunity than to use growth factors designed for just that, and the added bonus of supporting the tensile strength of your skin.
  • Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega D3.  Omega 3 is vital in the barrier defence of your skin.  Vitamin D is important in the support of warding off infections including cancer.  When taking vitamin D with omega 3 your body absorbs it more readily and effectively utilises it.

Good job spring is round the corner, but I’m sure that will bring its own list of problems for the skin adjusting to the environment around it.

Helen Daly.

Skin Care Therapist.